Which areas are you looking for properties?

We are currently looking for licenced HMO properties in the East of England.

How do I know my property won’t get damaged?

We only work with professional working residents. We carry out regular inspections, have rapid response to any wear and tear and carry out thorough employer, reference and credit checks prior to placing suitable tenants. Often their employer houses the residents, so the care of the property and their behaviour is linked to their employment terms and conditions. We do not allow large families, pets or children.

Does Suburban Plush furnish properties?

Yes, however if the property is already setup for the professional market then part or fully furnished is also used. We finish all homes to a high standard for our professional residents, sometimes the existing furniture in a property may not be suitable – maybe it was rented to students previously for example, and therefore we may need to replace it.

What are your fees?

There are no fees! We do not charge you any monthly commissions and there are no hidden charges further down the track. Suburban Plush also cover the cost of any minor maintenance work up to £150.

Once the agreement is signed what do I have to do?

Relax! Suburban Plush takes the hassle out of being a landlord. We will arrange all legalities relating to the management such as gas safety certificates, PAT testing, EPC, fire safety and heat/smoke/carbon monoxide alarms.

Is this sub-letting?

No. Suburban Plush do not have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) with the owner of the property. The AST is the contract that disallows sub-letting and is not appropriate in this situation. The contract that we use has been drawn up by a solicitor specifically for these types of arrangements.

So how does Suburban Plush make money from a single let?

Unlike estate agents - we do not charge landlords any fees or commissions. We earn our commission from the tenants that we put in the property. As we only rent to full time working professionals and provide quality housing with flexible length terms and professional services, we are able to receive a mark-up on the monthly rent. A lot of work for us I know, but it doesn’t matter to us - your payments are guaranteed every month and you don’t have to lift a finger!

What am I, as a Landlord, responsible for?

  • Make sure the exterior and structure of the building is sound. Suburban Plush is not liable for repairs to these parts of the property (for example, roof tiles and structural soundness).
  • As a responsible landlord, you should make sure the building is insured with the appropriate HMO landlord product, and that you have adequate safety and environmental certificates in place (e.g. Gas safety, Electrical Safety, EPC).
  • Finally, if you have one, it is your responsibility to look after your own mortgage.

What else is Suburban Plush responsible for?

  • Providing landlords with a set monthly rental fee each month.
  • We fill the house with our professional tenants.
  • We ensure all of the utilities and council tax are paid.
  • We hire a cleaner and a gardener (where applicable) to maintain the cleanliness of the communal areas.
  • We are the first port of call for the tenants if they have any problems.
  • Because our tenants expect the highest quality and standards, we generally need to spend money up-front in order to make the house suitable. There will be no cost to landlords for any interior decoration or furniture.

Does Suburban Plush pay a deposit?

No, we do not pay a deposit however we cover the cost of a light refurbishment where needed, repair fixtures and fittings and dress the property to a very high standard. During the term we maintain this level of finish and keep on top of all the little jobs. What this means is that we give you back your property at the end of our agreement in a better condition than we took it from you. Our landlords prefer to opt for this high level of guaranteed quality instead of a deposit scheme.

What type of properties are you looking for?

As we cater to working professionals we offer high quality, comfortable accommodation for long term stays. This means we ideally look for houses with a minimum of 3 bedrooms for house shares, but we are always happy to discuss how we might be able to help you if you have a property with less than 3 bedrooms.

What if my property does not have a HMO Licence?

That's not a problem. We can work with you to either gain a licence or look into whether or not your property would need a licence. This is because currently not every property requires a licence for house shares but don't worry, we can look into this for you.

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