Suburban Plush is a family run Property Management business that was formed to deliver a full hassle-free service to Landlords. We are an alternative to your traditional Property or Lettings Management arrangement as we offer guaranteed rent. We take away the day to day frustrations of being a Landlord and offer a solution that we know works for those that want a hands-off approach but a consistent regular income. 

As an added bonus there are no fees involved and from the day we manage your property to the day we hand your keys back, you will have little to no involvement in the daily management of your property. Instead, you will receive a fixed income over 3-5 years and your property will be returned in the same or if not better condition. 

For Tenants we offer beautifully refurbished high-end rooms equipped with top quality furniture within a professionally finished house share. Our rooms are designed to give Tenants that city life feel in the suburbs at affordable prices. With one bill that pays for all services our Tenants are still able to afford and enjoy city adventures, with our house shares being located just a short distance from the city and town centres. 

About Our Directors

Suburban Plush consists of directors Chantelle Severin, Daniel Severin who are also siblings and Tyler Colyer who joined the family business in 2019. Tyler and his family are close family friends and has been for the past 20 years.


Chantelle, our Founder has 7 years experience working for Corporate companies and worked her way up the Finance Industry ladder, to become a Senior Financial Assistant for high-net-worth individuals. Delivering a first class service and understanding her client's needs are core principles she prides herself on. Chantelle is the company administrator for Suburban Plush and is hands on when attending to Landlord and Tenant queries, just to add that extra personal touch.

Daniel, who has over 14 years experience in the construction industry is a multi-skilled tradesman and has worked on both residential and commercial projects. Currently, he is a Project Supervisor overseeing multi-million pound developments.


Tyler, by trade is a Glazier and also has over 20 years experiences as a multi-skilled tradesman. He is successfully running his own bespoke Glazing business and has done so for the past 8 years.


Together, Daniel and Tyler are responsible for any light refurbishments carried out by Suburban Plush and ensures the highest quality of finish by not only carrying out the work themselves, but also enlisting locally trusted contractors that they have worked with personally over their careers.

Being a family business sets Suburban Plush apart from the competition, as taking care of Landlords and Tenants like family is priority number one. 

So come and join the family by getting in touch!

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